Registration of the Company in the USA

There are several different formations of companies:

-A branch of an existent foreign company

-A subsidiary company

-A separate company

Each form has its advantages and disadvantages both in taxation and in owner’s immigration status. A separate company most often is affiliated with its foreign company through ownership.

A company is registered at a state level.

Business plan and Market Analysis

We help to prepare all types of business plans including but not limited to: 3-year, 5 year and 10 year business plans. All business plans are customized to suit the needs of each individual business alongside terminology from their respective industry.

Many business plans include:

  • An executive summary
  • Description of the company
  • Market analysis Study
  • Organization and management information
  • Specified service or product line(s)
  • Marketing and Sales information
  • Funding information
  • Financial Projections
  • An appendix with additional information

We also prepare market analysis studies that will help prospective and existing business owners make crucial

Business development in the USA

Our company assists with the development of existing businesses in order to attract more clients and assists with activities conducive to growing the business. Our services include:

  • Assistance in obtaining new clients within The Private and Public “Government” Sectors
  • Representation of the company in different events and meetings. Including presentation of products or services on behalf of the company, calls to potential customers and email marketing.
  • Creation and development of the company’s website, online marketing through search engines, and social media. Constant updates of articles and services to surpass your competitors.
  • Exploration of alternative opportunities including: partnership ventures, identifying specified market segments, and the analyzation and alteration of business operations.

Our experts possess a tremendous amount of experience with business development in many different industries and are always available for an initial consultation.

Accounting, Tax assistance and auditing for the US company

Bookkeeping and recording is a legal requirement for all companies in The United States. All financial statements and tax returns in the United States are originated by bookkeeping.

Tax Returns are not imputed automatically by a computer program

Payroll Services. We assist with many payroll activities.

We only use reputable audit firms and or individual CPA’s for all financial activities related to audits.

Certification of products in the USA

One major aspect of conducting business in or with the United States is product certification.

There are three main categories of certification programs in the US, which are approved by the federal government:

1st category – mandatory safety certification(s) for both (products and services)

2nd category – product sample’s, prototype’s and production testing programs

3rd category – quality and production environment assessment programs prior to product sale(s)


On all other issues (selection of office, personnel etc.) we can offer you information, find a rental agent, quotations, place advertisement on personnel selection, perform preliminary selection based on received criteria. As for the personnel – we will calculate costs, help preparing a compensation package to minimize taxes on salary, also engage qualified persons etc. We will assist you in finding an experienced lawyer to prepare agreements and contracts or filling out documentary forms in English.

taxInternational Tax Consulting

Many business owners or entrepreneurs are facing the question of whether or not to participate in foreign investments and/or operations. The international marketplace is complex and no two situations are alike. Because closely-held business owners have a wide variety of structuring alternatives available to them, it is crucial to select a tax advisor that has competency in not only the commercial area, but also the individual practice area to ensure the best possible advice.

Expert Center, LLC provides comprehensive solutions to international tax and wealth issues facing today’s increasing population of global high net worth individuals. To help these clients, we understand and provide advice on the tax aspects of a range of situations.

Foreign Investment by U.S. Persons

  • Creating foreign investment entities
  • Analysis of foreign investments held by U.S. and Russian persons

U.S. Investments by Non-Resident Aliens and Non-U.S. Families

  • Investing in U.S.-based assets (e.g., U.S. real estate and other)
  • Investing in the U.S. through non-U.S. entities
  • Investing in venture capital

Planning for the Business Owner & Entrepreneur

  • Tax planning for U.S. inbound and outbound residents
  • Comprehensive executive financial counseling