Business Organization

Once the decision is made to start a business, the question immediately arises, what option to choose: to open a business in the United States from scratch or buy an existing business. This question is difficult to answer unequivocally. It is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages to both options.

In order for the organization of business proved to be successful you need to pay close attention to management and marketing. Unsuccessful marketing strategy at an early stage –  is a cause of failure in 90% of cases. So, it is necessary to consider four main options for business.

The first comes to mind option – to buy an existing business. Conspicuous advantages of this option – it has already been established, and will be able to bypass a period when there is no income yet. And where expenses only grow. In addition, the company already has its place in the market system. The product has proved itself and it has its regular customers. The state has been chosen, and you can save on staff recruitment and training.

However, in this option, there are undeniable disadvantages. Buying an existing business, you have to simultaneously invest a large amount of money. As a rule, necessarily unplanned expenses appear and a budget increases shamelessly. Also after a purchase of a company you can find out that for objective reasons growing of the company is not possible and now you can only be starting to lose everything.

The second option is to open a business – buying a franchise. Such business can begin to make a profit immediately, but for its purchase does not require such a large amount as an option with an existing business. In addition, you can count on help with equipment and getting preferential loans.

But, as always, it is not without drawbacks. Franchise repress any initiative. Everything is regulated and can not deviate from the rules. Do not change the range or change providers fail. In addition, management needs serious, often long training. And at the end paying part of your income to someone all the time doesn’t seem to be appealing.

The third option – to become a partner in a successful business. In this embodiment, there is all the advantages, and the risks are much lower. But the risk of a divergence of views on the strategy of the company with new partners will always be there.

And the last option – the opening of business by your own. In this case, it all depends on you. This is your business and no one has the right to dictate terms. Be prepared for the fact that the period of initial formation will be long and it will bring only losses. But with the right approach, losses will end. You will need about a year for business to be fully operational. After that, you will still have growth period. Only about 10% of companies can brag about their profit for next year. Decisive year usually becomes the third year. By this time it will be seen whether the company has any prospects. And only a year later, we can expect real profits for which you planned. Weigh the pros and cons and see if you are ready to go such a long way in opening a new business.

Evaluate all the options and make your own important decision. And let it be true!